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How to Sardine

Amazing woman eats sardines with steel-cut oatmeal

A woman. Some sardines. The steel-cut oatmeal. Think of it as “sardine woman oatmeal meets oatmeal sardine woman.”

Sardine Culture

Glorious truth: Why sardines are better than tuna

Are you a person who turns your nose up at sardines, but still eats strong-smelling fish, sold in a can? Are you a person who eats that fish, even though that fish isn’t all that safe and healthy to eat? Be honest now. Are you a sardine-denying tuna fish eater (SDTFE)? If so, it’s probably […]

Sardine Culture

Healing sardine rifts with friends and family

Why do people have so much trouble keeping their pro- and anti-sardine feelings in check? Why are sardine fights destroying the very fabric of our society?

curry your sardines with curries like these
5-minute lunch

Curry your sardines to make life worth living again

On those days when you’re done with the usual lunch but you don’t have time to cook up something different, sardines offer endless possibilities. One of my favorites is curried sardines. Not just my favorite, actually, but my eight-year-old daughter’s, too. She never turns them down and always cleans the plate when these are served. […]

5-minute lunch

The Queen’s Sardines

God save the Queen because, in some ways, we have her to thank for Coronation Sardines, a five-minute lunch snack that will take your sardines to new places. In 1953, two brilliant British cooks invented a classic sandwich to celebrate the coronation of their new monarch Queen Elizabeth II. The dish is Coronation Chicken–a type […]