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We love receiving feedback from visitors. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How do I follow you all over the place on social media?

I had a feeling you might ask that! Here you go:

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Can I use your photos and/or recipe on my blog?
Please don’t re-publish our recipes elsewhere, but if you are a media outlet, you are welcome to use one photo along with a clear link back to the recipe on If you want to post on on Instagram, please include @sardinefreak in the top line of your caption.

Can I contribute an article or recipe?
We consider article and recipe suggestions but create all posted content ourselves at this time. If you have a suggestion for an article or recipe, please use the contact form below to explain what you have in mind!

I just love filling out contact forms. That is my primary means of communication. Where do I find one?

Don’t worry. We got you.